Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Fair Isle Bird List

The table below is the checklist of the 391 bird species recorded on Fair Isle, as it stands at the end of 2018. All decisions follow those of the BBRC and BOURC (although note that the totals include all 2018 records, which may remain subject to ratification by the relevant committee), with the main list comprising all species on the Categories A-C, with those species on Category D (uncertain origin) and E (presumed escapes), along with one extinct species and one species not identified to species level, included at the end of the list for completeness.

Status Categories:
V = Vagrant (with no. of records/individuals) - ten records or less in the past 20 years
R = Rare (with no. of records/individuals) - 11-40 records in the past 20 years
S = Scarce - averaging 10 records or less per annum
RM = Regular Migrant - averaging 11-40 records per annum
FM = Frequent Migrant - averaging 41-500 records per annum
CM = Common Migrant - averaging more than 500 records per annum

Breeding Categories:
BS = Small Numbers - on average less than 100 pairs per annum
BM = Moderate Numbers - on average 101-1,000 pairs per annum
BL = Large Numbers - on average more than 1,000 pairs per annum
OB = Occasional Breeder

These status abbreviations are also explained at the end of the table.

The list can be downloaded by clicking on the 'download' icon on the bottom right of the black bar as the end of the table.