Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Message from David and Susannah

We’d like to thank everyone for the support given to our family during the last two weeks. What could have been an overwhelmingly difficult time has been made much easier by the support we have received, practically and emotionally, by so many people. We haven’t had the chance to respond to all the messages wishing us well, but we want people to know that they have all been appreciated and have all helped. In addition, the donations of clothes, toys, books, sweets and many other items have been very useful and have put smiles on the faces of the girls. The amazing fundraising effort will help us to replace many of our lost possessions and set up a new home, now that we’ve been rehoused on the Isle.

There are lots of people we would like to thank, too many to mention here unfortunately, but we have to say thank you to the entire Fair Isle community who have taken care of us exactly how anyone who knows Fair Isle would imagine they would. We also want to thank the firefighting crews from the Isle and elsewhere in Shetland for their tremendous work in tackling the blaze, along with the many others on the Isle who helped them throughout the day and night, as well as the Coastguard and Lifeboat. Shetland Islands Council were immediately in touch with us to offer support in whatever way they could and enabled us to be rehomed within days, which has made adjusting much easier, as has the support given by the FIBOT directors.

We know that the Obs and Fair Isle mean so much to so many of you and we are looking forward to repaying all your support by helping to rebuild FIBO, and seeing you at the Obs in the future.

Best wishes, thank you and good birding

David, Susannah, Grace and Freyja

March 2019