Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Rebuild update

We took full advantage of the recent weather window, the first we have had in weeks, to bring over by barge the necessary plant and equipment we need together with the first six modules.

This is the next significant step forward in the rebuild and allows us to start construction of the actual building on the Isle. The modules have now all been taken to site and placed. To see the new Obs actually take shape on the site is a most welcome stage to reach.

Going forward the strategy for bringing the remaining 34 modules over has changed due the weather constraints we now face. A smaller boat will now bring them over in reduced numbers which we believe increases the resilience of being able to do so. With all the workforce and plant in the Isle the rebuild process has now been upped considerably and we look forward to keeping everyone updated on the new Obs coming together now on site.

The tugs and barge arriving at North Haven, 19th October 2022. © Douglas Barr
The modules being installed on site, 28th October 2022. © Douglas Barr
The new Obs begins to take shape, 30th October 2022. © Douglas Barr

Douglas Barr, FIBOT Chairman
31st October 2022