Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Fair Isle Bird Observatory rebuild

Update – bookings

Our planning application has now been submitted and we are on schedule with regards to the rebuild.

The rebuild of the Obs is one of the largest and most logistically complicated building projects in the UK for obvious reasons. Whilst the rebuild project is proceeding as planned, we are not in a position to say definitively when we will be reopening as there is still considerable work to be undertaken.

Given this, we do not believe it is appropriate that we can take any bookings until some time in 2021 when it has become clear when we will be able to open. We do not wish the situation to arise, given that bookings are traditionally taken well in advance, that we are not then open, given all the inconvenience that would ensue from that for guests.

It is still intended that we open in late summer or autumn 2021 and once we are in a position to take bookings we will advertise it immediately.

27th February 2020